Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

TOGETHER LET’S PAVE BETTER! With PM Pavers you not only get beautiful products but a partner to help you at every step of the way from inspiration to installation and beyond.

We strongly focus on our core service, which is to manufacture and supply various concrete products like pavers, kerbs, slabs, tiles, etc.

Pavers are generally available in the thickness of 60,80,100 and 120mm. All the products are made conforming to their respective IS codes of that category like IS 15658 (pavers) or IS 13801 (chequered tiles).

Pavers are generally used in very heavy traffic areas such as roads, container yards as well as in industrial areas, internal roads and also in home backyards. As long as the pavers selected are appropriate, they will be strong enough for the application.

At the time of confirming your order, our team would always communicate the earliest possible delivery date. Generally a wait period of 4 to 5 weeks should be taken into consideration.

The ideal process goes like this: clear the area of debris and other hazards. Prepare the base material and the sand bedding and then lay down the pavers carefully according to the desired theme of the pattern. Afterward, sweep sand over the paver joints to fill them up nicely.

Interlocking pavers are strong that can withstand heavy loads and prolonged exposure to changing weather. They are also versatile and extremely decorative.